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(Squeegees, Fairing Boards, Sponge Pads)

Abrasive Supplies(Cont.)

8" Discs Pads
Edges are contoured to allow for sanding curves and close to moldings. Fits all standard (5/8" shaft) slow speed polishers. Maximum safe operating speed - 3000 RPM.
Part # Price
5579 $38.10


8" Discs Pad
For use w/ Chicago Pneumatic Mod. 777 8 National Detroit Mod. 900 Sanders. Maximum safe operating speed - 1500 RPM.
Part # Replacing Price
5581 Nat. Det. #900 $28.45
5582 C.P. #777 $35.60


3M STIKIT Hand Blocks, 2-3/4" X 5"
Made of a sturdy, durable, high strength material and shaped to fit the hand comfortably. These blocks have an embossed rubber face which allows good adhesion for STIKIT Sheet Rolls.
Part # Price
5440 $12.70


3M STIKIT Air File Shoe, 2-3/4" Width
For use on all straight line air files and for use with our STIKIT File Sheets 2-3/4" X 16-1/2". Features a tuck-in clip on the leading edge for quick installation of the file sheets plus the elimination of mechanical clips.
Part # Price
5448 $22.30


HOOKIT Disc Pad for 8" Discs
HOOKIT REGALITE Discs, the hook & loop face secures the disc to the backup pad, yet provides for easy removal and reattachment. Edges are contoured to allow for sanding curves and close to molding Fits std. (5/8" shah ) slow speed polishers w/ max. operating speed-3000 RPM.
Part # Price
5779 $43.50


HOOKIT 5" & 6" Disc Pads
The tough durable plastic hub and a conformable foam body are designed for a max. 7000 RPM.
Part # Size Price
5579 5" $23.00
5776 6" $23.00


3M STIKIT Soft Hand Pad, 2-3/4" Width
For use with STIKIT Sheet Rolls. Provides a soft, controlled touch.  Eliminates finger marks and edge cutting into primer and paint
Part # Price
5530 $11.70
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