Sealants & Caulking(Cont.)
Silkaflex 231

Designed to seal teak & mahogany joints, and for bedding hardwood & thru - hull fittings. Tack-free in 5-8 hours & ready to sand in 3- 4 days. Use above or below the waterline. Cures to a durable flexible consistency.

Part # Color Size Price
231W White 10.5 oz $7.90
231B Black 10.5 oz $7.90
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Sikaflex 240

A multi-purpose adhesive/sealant/bedding compound. Tack-Free in 8 - 10 hours; full cure in 5 days. Use above or below waterline.

Part # Color Size Price
240W White 10.5 oz $7.45
240B Black 10.5 oz $7.45

Sikaflex 241

A fast - curing adhesive/sealant/bedding compound Tack-free in 1/2 - 1 hour; final cure in 3 days. Use above or below waterline Do Not apply on frozen surfaces or thru standing water or on very wet surfaces. Do Not apply over silicones.  Do not apply on surfaces where constant temperatures exceed 180 F. Not recommended on a deck seam sealer for wood decks as crazing of sealant may occur.

Part # Color Size Price
241W White 10.5 oz $8.65
241B Black 10.5 oz $8.65
Marine Penetrol

Add to varnish or enamels to extend brushing time and to reduce pull and lap makks. Add to wood and metal primers to increase penetration and promote better adhesion. Use alone to restore luster to faded fiberglass.

Part # Size Price
1984 Quart $7.14
1992 Gallon $21.42

Dolphinite Bedding Compound

A heavy-bodied compound for bedding in keels, transoms, molding and deck hardware. It withstands atmospheric conditions without hardening, softening or oozing. Provides a waterproof seal for every joint and fitting.

Part # Size Price
2005PT Pint $15.02
2005QT Quart $22.90

Davis Slick Seam

A easy to use for any underwater seam application. It requires neither mixing nor priming. It adheres to most solid surfaces whether wet , dry or even oil stained Cures ready for painting in half an hour.  16 oz.

Part # Price
730 $9.95
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Cotton Caulking

1 lb. Bundle

Part # Price
605 $6.50

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Caulking Wick

Massasoit caulking wick. 2oz. ball. 7 strand caulking wick

Part # Price
1228 $2.10


Oakum 50 lb. bundle. Oil treated jute.

Part # Price
1230 $110.00