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(Oil, Gear Lube, 2-cycle Oils)

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100% Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

A universal fluid for use in all automatic transmissions. Unexcelled thermal stability. Double the service life of mineral based fluids. Superior high and low temperature performance. Reduces drag for improved fuel economy. Keeps transmissions operating cooler and smoother.

Part #  Size Price
ATF-01 Quart $7.35
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100% Synthetic Gear Lubes SAE 75W-90, 80W-90

Long life, extreme pressure lubes. Reduces friction, heat and wear far better than conventional lubes. High load carrying capacity for severe service. Stays fluid at low temperatures where other lubes thicken and gel. Improves fuel economy by reducing friction and drag. Contains rust and foam inhibitors.  GL-2 through GL-5.

Part #  Size Price Type
AGR-01 Quart $7.00 75W-90
AGT-01 Quart $7.00 80W-90

100% Synthetic Gear Lubes Series 2000 75W-90

An extreme pressure lubricant engineered to meet the severe high-load and high temperature demands of tow vehicle differentials and gear-lube equipped transmissions. It provides the superior friction, heat and load control demanded and delivers superior fuel economy and superior performance sought by all motorists.

Part #  Size Price Type
TGR-01 Quart $9.45 75W-90

Engine Flush & Crankcase Cleaner

Dissolves and disperses harmful deposits. Cleans the crankcase, cylinder walls, pistons, and rings. Restores operating efficiency to valves, lifters, rocker arms and pistons. Improves horsepower, fuel economy and performance. Cleans engine for introduction of premium synthetic engine oils.

Part #  Size Price
AEF-01 16 oz. $4.50

Engine Oil Filters

Lofted Fibre, high flow media. Provides substantially more filtering material for more dirt holding capacity. More efficient particle filtration. Longer service life for today's extended drain intervals. Incorporates positive anti-drain-back valve. Internal by-pass safety valve.

Prices range from $7.95 - $15.95 Call for specific applications.