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(Synthetic Grease, Filtration Kit, Remote Filtration Mount)

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100% Synthetic Marine Engine Oil SAE 15W-40

Designed specifically for marine engines. Excellent rust protection - protects stored engines up to one full year. High detergent 12 TBN formula. Keeps marine engines clean and free of sludge, varnish, and carbon build-up. Excellent low temperature fluidity. Reduces friction and wear for increased life. Shear stable

Part # Size Price
AME-01 Quart $4.85


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Synthetic Marine Gear Lube SAE 80W-90

Provides extra rust and corrosion protection. Reduces drag for maximum power output and improved fuel economy. A long life, extreme pressure lubricant. None better for reducing friction and wear. Excellent for both fresh and salt water applications. A MIL-L-21260B Rust Preventing Lubricant. Greatly improved cold weather performance.

Part # Size Price
ALU-06 8 oz. $3.40

100% Synthetic 2 Cycle Oils-Biodegradable

Up to 5 times more biodegradable than conventional two-cycle oils. Increases power output. Improves acceleration and throttle response. Eliminates spark plug fouling. Reduces friction, heat, and wear. Contains no waxes. Reduces smoking. Excellent off-season protection. Pre-mix and injector use..

Part # Size Price
BTC-08 8 oz. $3.95
2 Cycle Injector Oil

Increase power output. Improve acceleration and throttle response. Eliminate plug fouling. Reduce friction, heat, and wear. Reduces smoking. Excellent off season protection. Contains no waxes.

Part # Size Price
AIO-01 Quart $4.25
2-Cycle 100:1 Pre-Mix

Provides maximum protection and outstanding performance in virtually all two-cycle gasoline engines. Higher power output, lower temperatures, and cleaner operation than conventional oils. 100:1 2-cycle is formulated for pre-mixing with gasoline at a fuel/oil mix ratio of 100:1.

Part # Size Price
ATC-08 8oz $2.65